The world of geometry
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  1. Description
  2. Aims
  3. Partner schools
  4. eTwinning webside,...
  5. Webside about the project - 8th High School Of Thessaloniki (Greece))
  6. Tools

  1. Description

  2. Look around you! What can you see? Can you see this geometry around you? Draw it or take a photo of what you can see. Mark their characteristically geometrical elements. Make a computer art work. Explore and be inspired of geometric, optical and abstract art.
  3. Aims

  4. Observe the world. Search geometrical objects. Mark them on your drawing or photo and describe. Explore art and architecture. Discover geometrical forms and the harmony of geometrical precision and mathematical exactness in them. Use programming languages and other software to make your own art work. Communicate with the students of the other schools. Exchange culture of European countries.
  5. Partner schools
    • Gimnazjum Nr 1 w Zawierciu (Poland) - the co-ordinator of the project
    • 8th High School Of Thessaloniki (Greece)
    • IES Ciudad de Dalías (Spain)
  6. eTwinning space www

  7. Website about the project - 8th High School Of Thessaloniki
  8. Tools
    • GeoGebra
      GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus.
    • GIMP
    • LOGO
    • PowerPoint


The world of geometry